The Future of the Internet & Encryption

Hosted by The @ Company


This Global Encryption Day and technologists and human rights organizations around the world are leading events to show their support.

Moderator: Dr. Henna Karna, General Manager Google Global Insurance & Risk, and Board of Directors Member, The @ Company
Online Panel Event: Panel of Encryption Experts Interested in Exploring Advances in Encryption, Who Owns the Keys, and Societal Risks

Online Event Platform: OhyayDesktop


Gentry Lane, Founder and CEO Anova Intelligence
Heather Dahl, Founder and CEO Indicio
Edna Conway, VP, Chief Security and Risk Officer, Azure at Microsoft
Colin Constable, Chief Technology Officer, The @ Company

Topics to be Covered:
– Today is Global Encryption Day: general reflections
– Risks associated with surveillance and the lack of data protection.
– What is security in a connected world?
– Where is the Internet headed?
– Why encryption now?
– How secure is encryption really? Who holds the keys?


Time: 4pm

Date: 21st October 2021

Location: USA

For more information: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-future-of-the-internet-encryption-tickets-182154869117