Surveillance Society and Cryptography – in Japanese

Hosted by JCA-NET

The event takes place In Japanese. The whistle-blowing by Edward Snowden was supported by secret contacts with journalists and supported by cryptography. On the other hand, our right to the secrecy of our communications is being threatened as the Japanese government launches organisations such as the Digital Agency and the Cyber Agency of the National Police Agency. This symposium will give an opportunity to think about these issues.


  • Midori Ogasawara (Surveillance researcher, lives in Canada)
  • Toshiro Miyazaki (NO! Digital Agency, No Digital ID Network).
  • Toshimaru Ogura (JCA-NET: Moderator)

Venue: Korea YMCA Hotel(Tokyo, Suidobashi) 3rd Floor Conference Room + Live Streaming”

Time: 04:00 UTC

Date: 23 October, 2021

Location: Online

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