Do Your Part. Encryption Matters

Hosted by Internet Society Liberia Chapter

Internet Society Liberia chapter joins other Internet Advocates on October 21, 2021, to make a call to Switch to End-to-End Encryption. We joint the Global Encryption Coalition campaign to “Make the Switch.” Our campaign will be an outdoor one with the theme “Do Your Part. Encryption Matters”, where we will submit a petition to the Legislature and Executive branches of government at 10am. We will later move to the most congested intersection of the city (Vamoma, Sinkor) to distribute stickers and flyers with inscribed campaign messages. We will use loudspeakers and local music to attract our presence. Furthermore, we will make the day more interactive with journalists’ interviews, and Facebook and other social media live-streaming.


Time: 10am

Date: 21st October 2021

Location: Liberia

For more information: https://internetsociety.org.lr/events